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 the St. James Major alumni website. Enjoy looking at some history and news about your elementary school life and remembering the wonderful young years at SJM. Here we will cover general news about St. James Major, announcement about upcoming events and pages on each year since 1937. Click on the "Class Year" button to proceed to your class year. Click on "News" to see the latest news about SJM.

Hail St. James Major, Alma Mater Dear !


Some of these historic pictures came from The Sister's of Mount Carmel Archives - New Orleans, LA.

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Our Mission

The goal of this website is to provide a central point of information for all students who have attended St. James Major Elementary School in New Orleans, LA. It is our hope that the website will serve as a central source of information and a catalyst to bring past students together through sponsored events.

Contact Information

Please email any inquiries about this website or information about being included in your class year. Send your name, maiden name, location, phone and email address to be included in any news about reunions or to be contacted if necessary. We will not publish your contact information.

Also if you are interested in providing pictures and information about your class please send it to the webmaster at The contact information you provide will not be published, but rather be used to communicate directly with you by a Class Captain in the event there is a reunion or other event you may wish to attend. We will only use your name and location on the Class Page.

Also we have a Facebook group called St. James Major Elementary. Search for it on Facebook or go to St. James Major Facebook Group.

Class Captains are needed

We need two Class Captains for each year. If you are interested in volunteering please let the webmaster know by sending an email to  The duties of these captains will be to compile a list of students from your class with phone numbers and email addresses on each. We will not be providing any mailing via the Post Office. All contact will be done here on the website or through volunteers making phone calls if there is no email address. We want this communication to be as easy as possible and we have chosen electronic communication to be the main source of contact.

Information, graphics and photographs

You can be a part of this website by providing any pictures, class names or class history you may wish to share. Please volunteer to spearhead your class page as an editor by collecting information and pictures from your classmates. Send all information to warreng@gmx.cox

Upcoming Events

Reunion April 15, 2012 for all classes. Go to Upcoming Events page

Address of church and school (Not a mailing address)
Electronic mail